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P-38 crash

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I cannot see youtube vids here at work unless I go into the work are, aka the Hardware Hangar.

Was this recent? I searched for news stories, and don't see any for a Lightning crash.

Whats up?

No, it actually happened in 1996, but old things tend to get renewed on YouTube.

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Old footage, Spec.

Nothing to see here. Move along ;)

Basically, it's that airshow footage of a '38, with D-Day paint, trying to come out of a very poorly executed barrel roll. I guess he got the first roll okay, but the second he must've forgot to pull the nose up on the entry because he just plows into the strip as he comes out of the roll. I mean, the pilot may have blacked out because it's a really, really bad bit of aerobatics.

38s kill a lot of pilots during intentional and unintentional barrel rolls. What usually happens is one engine quits and the plane just rolls without warning. I think that's what killed Jeff Ethell---lost an engine while landing and the bird flipped and crashed. I personally knew a WW2 pilot who flew recon F-5s (P-38 without guns) with the 8th. He is written up in the history books as one of the few (if not only) pilots to lose an engine on landing, go into an uncontrolled nose-down roll, but he miraculously recovered mere inches from the ground and landed safely.

Great, beautiful birds...scary as hell too.

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Single engine handling, especially at slow speed, would be difficult at best with a twin engined fighter. Twin engine bombers and transports are heavier aircraft with big wings and can dampen the torque effect of flying on one engine, but something as light weight as a fighter with high horsepower engines, whoa!

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Thanks for the clarification gents.

I don't recall having seen it, so will check it when I get home. Maybe.

My fave WW2 bird is the lucious Lightning! I would hate to see one die. :(

Heck, I like `em so much, all I've flown since I got `46 2 weeks ago is this beauty;


Pretty, ain't she? Painted her myself! :D

I have heard of one guy on take-off in one where one engine died just after rotation. So did the pilot, shortly thereafter.

Beautiful, but ornery beast...

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