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Wings Over Israel Released

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ThirdWire Productions has just released Wings Over Israel, the fourth installment in their series that includes Strike Fighters, Wings Over Vietnam and Wings Over Europe. This sim focuses on the Israeli Air Force in the 1967, 1973 and 1982 wars.

Some screenshots:







If anyone is interested, we have a good discussion going on about it at the CombatAce forums:


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Hey, C5, good to see you in a different locale!

I did toss the announcement out as a footnote in Donster's news yesterday, But this lot are more into paddling the air.

I downloaded it yesterday, and got a pair of flights in this morning before having to take the wife to an all day appointment. Don't these people know I have priorities?


So far, so good, but I hope to get some time to fly it soon...

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Yeah that right put up lots of juicy screenies , so i have to think of another exscuse to give the wife when the credit card statement comes..... :P:P

Tempting guys really tempting

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