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Mad Max

US Navy Operations come to Lock-On

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In what has become one of the virtual sky's greatest success stories, the Virtual Naval Air Operations team brought forth a new group. Tonight, I am going to tell you a little about some of the things that make us unique to any other group out there.

Realism: Our command structure takes a novice pilot and allows him to have a Naval career. From Officer Candidate, a new recruit can promote through the ranks and eventually be given command of one of our Tomcat or Hornet squadrons. Our skin design team can crank out high res and realistic skins for new squadrons that look simply amazing.

Training: Even the greenest of pilots can be trained. Whether you are new to the sim, or a veteran of the Lock On skies, theres a place for you in our training program. Our training officers are patient and knowledgeable and will have you trappin a two wire in no time flat.

Sim development: Our team of highly skilled developers are working to put together a new Navy-oriented mod that will eventually include a new Tomcat D, Super Hornet, and Super Carrier. These projects are constantly updated in our forums with WIP (work in progress) pics and are coming together in truly amazing form. Not satisfied with simply adding a model or two to the sim, we are striving to create what will ultimately be a complete USNavy Mod package. You don't have to join to enjoy this mod in all its glory, it will be released publicly, but what better place to put this mod through its paces than the only 100% simulated Carrier Operations group in the community.

Opportunity: In other squadrons, you can be a pilot amongst leaders. VNAO is the only place where anyone with the drive and determination to lead can one day be given the keys to his own Hornet or Tomcat squadron. Serve in other groups, but you can lead in VNAO. Our new CO's can choose which real-world squadron they want to create, what skins to use in that squadron and how to run that squadron's training and operations from training schedules to tactics.

Don't take my word for it, just ask one of the over two dozen pilots we have in our squadrons currently. In our first two weeks, 24 pilots joined us. And though we are still in developmental stages, everyone is having the time of their lives.

Come visit us at www.virtualnavairops.com and visit our forums for development pics and meet the men behind the biggest thing to happen to US Navy Carrier Ops in sims since USNAVY FIGHTERS!


Admiral Keith "MadMax" Gorman

CO Virtual Naval Air Operations

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