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Sorry to tell you this, but we no longer play the original Operation Flashpoint. We play the sequel called "Armed Assault". And that may soon be replaced by Armed Assault II, or even Operation Flashpoint 2 by Codemasters. Yes, it's a bit difficult to keep it all straight.

Anyway, at the very least, we play Armed Assault, for the time being. So, if you have that, you could join us for a bit o' running and gunning. We were even thinking of starting up the server this week some time, but nothing is official yet.

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Oh I know all about ARMA. I have it and i'm an avid player of it. I've just seen in your siggys for bessie's bastards that they are of OFP, so I thought you still play it for the better FPS, etc. I'll gladly try to get online with you guys for some ARMA sessions. Give me a PM with details if so. Cheers!

(BTW off topic, but why can't you have active signatures for combatsim.com? Just been wondering because i tried to put my BAVirtual siggy on, but it wont let me +P)

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