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This Day in WWII 15 December 1939 - 1945 *1938


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dd1.jpg Doris Day

1939: A fifth British division arrives in France.

1939: The Uruguayan government gives the Admiral of the Graf Spee 36 hours to leave harbour.

1941: British retreat in Malaya and Burma’s southern most tip. Artillery battle rages at Hong Kong.

1941: US Secretary of the Navy tells Congress that 2,729 were killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

1941: First Japanese merchant ship sunk by a U.S. submarine.

ActtionComics-Dec1942.jpg (Dec. 1942)

1943: Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union all break off diplomatic relations with the Yugoslav government in exile and recognize Tito's Communist Popular Liberation Committee as the Yugoslav government to be.

1943: The war crimes trial at Kharkov of the four captured Germans opens with all plead the defendants pleading guilty. One of the defendants says that more than 30,000 Russians were exterminated at Kiev.

1943: US troops land on New Britain near Cape Gloucester, to the South West of Rabaul.

GeneTierney1945.jpg Gene Tierney (1945)

1944: Army Air Force Band leader and trombonist Glenn Miller boarded a single-engine C-64 Norseman in England for a flight to France, where he was to make arrangements for a Christmas broadcast. The plane never reached France and no trace of it or its occupants was ever found. Iowa-born Glenn Miller became a professional musician after graduating from high school. By the time he volunteered for military service in 1942, the Glenn Miller Orchestra was world famous and had appeared in two motion pictures. Miller persuaded the U.S. Army to accept his service to "put a little more spring into the feet of our marching men and a little more joy into their hearts." For the next 18 months, Miller's 50-member band stayed busy with morale-building concerts and radio broadcasts. No cause has ever been established for the loss of Miller's aircraft, but the Norseman did not have de-icing equipment on board and it is likely that icy weather forced the plane down in the English Channel. Another theory is that his plane was lost due to RAF bombers dumping unused bombs from higher altitude returning aborted mission over Germany.

1944: The Chinese finally take Bhamo itself in northern Burma after the Japanese evacuate at night.

1944: The 19th Indian Division meets the British 36th Infantry Division at Indaw, making the first connected front in Burma.

1944: A U.S. task force lands on Mindoro Island in the western Philippines without loss.

1944: A third Japanese prison ship is mistakenly sunk by US planes off the Philippines, with less than half of POWs surviving, to be recaptured.

1945: The Permanent Headquarters for UN are to be established in the USA.

1945: MacArthur orders the end of Shinto as official religion of Japan.

*1938: Washington sends its fourth note to Berlin demanding amnesty for Jews.

1101411215_400.jpg Admiral Kimmel (READ COVER STORY)

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