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This Day in WWII 19 December 1939 - 1945


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1939: The Russians lose 20 tanks out of 100 as they continue to attack at Summa.

1940: Mussolini requests German assistance for his hard-pressed troops in Cyrenaica, asking for a Panzer Division, Luftwaffe units and various logistical support.

1941: Hitler orders that there should be 'No withdrawal’ by the German Army and that it should stand and fight where it is.

1941: British retake the Libyan city of Derna from axis forces.

1941: Frogmen of the Italian Navy penetrate the port of Alexandria in Egypt and cripple the British battleships HMS Valiant and Queen Elizabeth, along with a destroyer and a tanker. This means that Cunningham had lost all his battleships and could no longer muster a force strong enough to take on the Italian fleet.

1941: British troops evacuate Penang in Malaya.

1941: Colombia severs diplomatic relations with Germany and Italy.

dorothymalone.jpg Dorothy Malone

1942: Manstein’s tanks are only 30 miles South of Stalingrad.

1942: The British advance 40 miles into Burma in a drive to oust the Japanese from the colony.

1943: A pitched battle is reported between the resistance and Germans troops in Bernex, eastern France.

1943: 50,000 people turn out to watch the hanging of the "Kharkov Four" in Kharkov city square.

FrancesRafferty.jpg Frances Rafferty

1944: Nearly 9,000 surrounded Americans surrender in the Schnee Eifel, the most serious U.S. reverse in Europe. SHAEF orders the 101st Airborne Division as well as the 10th Armoured Division to be detached from 3rd Army and moved North to aid the 28th Infantry Division in its defense of the vital road junction of Bastogne.

1944: During the Battle of the Bulge, American troops begin pulling back from the twin Belgian cities of Krinkelt and Rocherath in front of the advancing German Army.

1945: Eleanor Roosevelt, the widow of the late President is appointed as one of first U.S. delegates to the UN.

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