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f4 falcon


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Well firstly hello and merry christmas to all you old combatsim veterans, :icon_salute3: well im an old f4 falcon fan and want to pick it up again,its been a few years since i played.Seems now though i cant get any patches or updates to work this time round,i want to start from the beggining,,can someone help oint me in right direction please.

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Hey, Tim ...

Welcome to CSIM :)

Just out of curiosity ...

Are we talking about a stock install of Falcon 4 Mk1 Mod 0? The Falcon 4 with the big binder and all?

Or, are we talking Falcon 4: Allied Force?

Again, only curious.

What you really need to do is visit the lads on the Falcon 4 forum over at FrugalsWorld.com. Those guys are hard core F4 dudes, so you'll definitely get the low down on patching and such over there.

Tell 'em we said "Hi!".

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