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This Day in WWII 21 December 1939 - 1945


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1939: During their brief period of comradeship, Hitler sends Joseph Stalin a telegram wishing him a happy sixtieth birthday.

1940: The RAF attacks Berlin, inflicting only minor damage.

1940: The Admiralty decides to transfer another Battleship, HMS Malaya to Force H from the Mediterranean fleet. Again this was to be accomplished by escorting a convoy to Malta and linking up with units of Force H for the journey to Gibraltar. No losses were suffered to enemy action although a Destroyer was sunk when it hit a mine.

1940: Bardia is surrounded by the 6th Australian Division, although the Italians are determined to fight it out.


1941: Typhus reported to be sweeping through the German forces along the Russian front.

1941: The Axis launch a renewed air offensive against the Island of Malta.


1942: Hitler refuses to let Paulus break out from their encirclement at Stalingrad.

1942: British troops cross the Burmese border from India and head Southeast towards Akyab.

1943: Under pressure from the Allies to curtail German espionage operations in the Irish Free State, Prime Minister Eamon de Valera confiscates the German embassy's radio transmitter.

1943: The Eighth Army’s 1st Canadian Division battles to capture Ortona in central Italy.

1943: Russian forces smash the German bridgehead over Dnieper River at Kherson.

1944: The U.S. First Army retakes Stavelot but to the south, the Germans besiege Bastogne. Units of 5th Panzer Army capture St. Vith.

1945: General George S. Patton dies at the age of 60 after being injured in a car accident on Dec.9th.


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