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This Day in WWII 22 December 1941 - 1945 *1948


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cv122241.jpg U.S. Goes to War

1941: Prime Minister Churchill arrives at the White House as the guest of President Roosevelt for the Washington Conference.

1941: The Japanese begin their invasion of the Philippines by landing 43,000 troops of General Homma's 14th Army in Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, 150 miles north of Manila. Filipino troops here failed to prevent the beachhead from being established and their scouts, which had been sent forward in order to secure the defiles barring the way south were also unsuccessful.

1942: Convoy JW-51B (14 merchants) leaves Loch Ewe escorted by 6 destroyers and a minesweeper.

1942: The Soviets drive German troops back 15 miles at the Don River.

1942: Chifley is appointed as Minister of Post-War Reconstruction in Australia.

fayeemerson2.jpg Faye Emerson

1943: The allies announce that Tito is to be the allied commander in Yugoslavia as his partisans now estimated at 250,000 men.

1944: The allies report that the Germans have penetrated up to 40 miles in the Ardennes. The American defenders of Bastogne receive the German surrender ultimatum which Brigadier General McAuliffe, answers with the single word, "Nuts!". Rundstedt’s suggestion of a withdrawal is refused by Hitler. The U.S. 3rd Army begins an offensive to relieve Bastogne.

1944: The British announce a call-up of 250,000 troops ‘to sustain and nourish our armies in the line’.

1944: Patton began to turn his army 90 to north as he had promised Ike Dec. 19 - 250,000 troops 75 mi.

1945: Britain and the U.S.A formally recognize Tito’s Yugoslavia.

*1948: Former Japanese prime minister Hideki Tojo is executed for war crimes. Tojo tried to commit suicide before his trial but survived to face the executioner.

1101411222_400.jpg Admiral Yamamoto (Read the Cover Story)

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