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Battle Command--Free Download.


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The Battle Command computer game is now a free download from www.historicalsoftware.com. Organizations and individuals are free to use the game for training or enjoyment needs.

Here is a link to information on a modern small-scale Afghanistan scenario:


There are at least 20 AARs in the game forum, including WWII, NTC (mechanized), and counter-insurgency battles.

Computer Wargame Features:


- Powerful and easy to use 3D and 2D map based user interface.

- Units are individual, section, or platoon/battery sized units.

- Move your units by issuing waypoints by clicking on the map.

- Multiple players over LAN and Internet, each controlling specific forces.

- Real time with 30 second time steps, time compression adjustable up to 10X.

- Detailed combat results, movement, and visibility/LOS models.

- Positional sound effects (movement, weapons, etc.) and TTS speech reports.

- IR sights (2G FLIR, NVD, etc.), radar (surface search, air search, JSTARS), smoke, and illumination modeling.

- Aviation assets return to off-map "replenish" and "hold" areas between missions over map.

- 3D terrain height maps with 100m grid squares. Maps are from NASA SRTM90 data.

- Automated single and grouped unit pathfinding.

- Explicit ammunition and fuel resupply capabilities, however this is rarely used given the time and scale of most scenarios.

- Combat Engineering Features.

A Voice Chat program is included for simulated radio network during play.

The game 3D terrain graphics do not work with every video card driver--most work fine. As a backup you can use the CPU graphics mode, which works 100% of the time but is not as fast or attractive. Laptop play is not recommended. Minimum screen resolution is 1280x1024. 22", 24", 30" or dual 19" monitors are recommended.

Please visit the following website for the downloads: www.historicalsoftware.com.

Contact e-mail: sales@historicalsoftware.com

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