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Happy Holidays COMBATSIM


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I'm back for about a week or so...whole family and other folks coming around.So late at night I'm catching up on COMBATSIM reading.

I've read the "what games are you playing these days" posts,and unfortunately my answer is: not much.But that's another topic.

I wanted to say Happy Holidays;Merry Christmas

Holy This

Holy That

Holy The Other Thing

Rather than ask "what are you playing lately?"--I'd like to ask if there are any games that a lot of you all play at the same time?

Not necessarily in the same unit or even on the same side,but for instance "every fourth wednesday on IL-2" or something.*

*I do not yet have IL-2

I'll be back to computer sims soon,but it's going to take more time than I have to check all of my old stuff for this PC(vistaOS).---EDIT--clarification:to see if my old games run on this pc---

The Job is getting old(always will end soon---yet never does)

Also(and I hope I'm not on sketchy water here) but a few years back I had a whole lot of fun on World War II Online.I played it off and on for about 2 years(summer '01- spring '04) and most everyone worked together.Frankly it was one of the best games I've ever played because of the teamwork.

But I've been gone (literally) for a long time and something seems to be different from what I've heard,both from talking to my buddies here in town and from reading old posts here on COMBATSIM.--I have to add that I think I'm a lot like you folks,gamewise.--So fill me in on this,is that game still good?Lastly I'm curious as to how it became "the game that shall remain nameless"*

*I read a post with this moniker some months back here on COMBATSIM.

I'm stuck with playing microgames and smaller boxed games for now (they travel well and sometimes I get a smart partner) but I will be back to Simming as soon as is feasible.

Again, Happy Holidays

Smithson T. Jones (an obvious alias)

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