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This Day in WWII 1 January 1940 - 1945 *1937


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cv010145.jpg Soldier cleaning gun

1940: Conscription extended to 20 - 27 in Britain.

1940: Coastal Command aircraft are fitted for the first time with Air to Surface Vessel (ASV) radar detection sets and these were used primarily in the detection of German submarines.

1940: The RAF introduces Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) signals to help identify Bomber, Coastal and Fighter Command aircraft on radar screens.

1940: The Finns change the numbers of 3 divisions in order to deceive the Red Army.


1941: The Western Desert Force is renamed as the XIII Corps.

1941: Hitler, in his New Year's order of the day to the German armed forces, promises "...completion, on the Western Front, of the greatest victory in our history...".

1941: Germany begins negotiations with Bulgaria to allow German troops to use Bulgaria as a springboard for their attack on Greece.

beverlytyler1.jpg Beverly Tyler

1942: The ‘United Nations’ of 26 allied countries, sign a UN Declaration in Washington of co-operation and no separate peace.

1942: Jean Moulin, the mayor of Chartes, France, who escaped to England early in the conflict, parachutes back into the country in an effort to organize and unify the feuding Resistance factions.

1942: British forces take Bardia, along with 8,000 Axis prisoners.

1942: Reinforcements arrive in the Far East to supplement the defensive air forces; 51 Hurricanes arrive in Singapore, 48 Hurricanes in Sumatra and 30 Hurricanes and Blenheims arrived in Burma from the Middle East.

ruthrogers.jpg Ruth Rogers

1943: The 1st Panzer Army in the Caucasus begin withdrawing from the Terek front to avoid being cut off by Soviet forces attacking from the northeast toward Rostov-on-Don.

1944: Field Marshal Rommel is appointed C-in-C of Army Group B, the German forces in France north of the Loire river.

1944: General Mark Clark takes over the U.S. Seventh Army in addition to the command of the U.S. Fifth Army.

1945: The Allies are caught by surprise by German fighter-bombers strikes on airfields in Europe (Operation Bodenplatte (Baseplate)). A total of 465 aircraft are destroyed on the ground, but the Luftwaffe loses 62 aircraft to Allied fighters and 172 to light AA (including RAF Regiment gunners). Whilst Allied losses are quickly replace, the Luftwaffe fighters arm is effectively destroyed.

*1937: At a party at the Hormel Mansion in Minnesota, a guest wins $100 for naming a new canned meat--Spam.

1101450101_400.jpg General Dwight Eisenhower, Man of the Year (READ COVER STORY)

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