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Today's headlines...

ArmA 2 Preview

GameRanger Provides Matchmaking for Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis

Unannounced, Canceled THQ Air Combat Game Revealed in Slick CG Trailer

Heart of the PC - 10 Years of Motherboards

Just Announced Hardware for January 3, 2009


"Enjoy our first 'Catchup™ Saturday Edition' of the Front Page News for 2009 at COMBATSIM.COM!

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ArmA2: dragging wounded buddies, AI using speculative fire suppression techniques, fear-induced weapon shake.

Very cool.

Now, that video for that unreleased / canceled THQ air combat game was sweet. I'm sure the game was no where near that exciting, but dang, that's a great video!

Here's the link for those laggards who can't muster the energy to visit Donnie's superb news.

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I'm still kinda hanging out for Op Flash 2 , dont get me wrong the shots from ARMA 2 look pretty cool and i have been looking at ingame footage online but Op Flash was my first , and dang it they had better put the sniper mission back in or else :D:D

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wrong link Dude... good way to make us go to the homepage :)

any word on release date? Yet another reason to look forward to leaving Iraq... see you all soon

The link is fine. Must be some sand in your browser ;):lol:

Good to see you in the news room, Deac :thumbsup:

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