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This Day in WWII 5 January 1940 - 1945


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cv010542.jpg Nursing shortage

1940: Hore-Belisha resigns as Secretary of State for War and is replaced by Oliver Stanley.

1940: The Finnish 9th Division begins an offensive on the Raate road, which leads to the almost complete destruction of Russian 44th division in 2 days. The Red Airforce makes its first air attack on the Finnish GHQ town of St. Michel causing 29 dead.

GreerGarson.jpg Greer Garson

1941: General Bergonzoli surrenders the Italian XXIII Corps at Bardia to the Australians. 45,000 Italian prisoners and 130 tanks are captured by the Australians for just 500 casualties.

1942: 80,000 US and Filipino troops successfully complete their withdrawal to the Bataan Peninsula, along with 26,000 civilians, although food stocks are only sufficient to sustain 43,000 men for 6 months. The Japanese quickly close up to the first defensive position, which is based on Mounts Santa Rosa and Natib.

1942: German forces in the Crimea repulse a Soviet landing at Eupatoria.

bettastjohn.jpg Betta St. John

1943: US Fifth Army is set up in Tunisia under Lieutenant General Mark Clark.

1944: The last of four German blockade-runners from Japan are sunk in the South Atlantic.

1944: Koniev’s 2nd Ukrainian Front extends the Russian general offensive in temperatures of -20°C.


1945: Australian troops land at Saposa to engage Japanese forces at Waitavolo.

1101420105_400.jpg Franklin D. Roosevelt, Man of the Year (READ COVER STORY)

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