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This Day in WWII 6 January 1940 - 1945


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cv010641.jpg Katharine Hepburn

1940: Finnish pilot Lt. Sarvanto, flying a Fokker, shoots down six out of seven Russian SB-2 bombers in just 5 minutes. The Russian 44th Division's commander General Vinogradov, authorizes the remainder of his troops to try escape back to Russian lines.

1941: President Franklin D. Roosevelt asks Congress to support the Lend-lease Bill to help supply the Allies.

1941: In his annual message to Congress, President Roosevelt announces the "Five Freedoms".

1941: Churchill demands that troops be released from Wavell's offensive and sent to Greece.

1941: The Luftwaffe launches its first attacks against British convoys bound for Malta in the Mediterranean.

vivianblaine1.jpg Vivian Blaine

1942: Roosevelt announces that US forces are to be based in UK.

1942: In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Minister denounces German atrocities in occupied Russia, where in Kiev alone 52,000 people have been massacred. ‘The Soviet Union will never forget or forgive’.

1942: Rommel's battered forces reach the Tripolitanian frontier having evaded all British attempts to cut them off.

1944: The allies announce that jet-propelled aircraft will soon to be in production.

1944: The Air Ministry says that Bomber Command dropped 157,000 tons of bombs on Germany in 1943, while the Luftwaffe dropped only 2,400 tons on Britain.

1944: The Red Army crosses the 1939 Polish frontier after a 170-mile advance in just two weeks.

1945: The ban on dancing is lifted in Finland, where it had been illegal to dance during wartime.

1945: Boeing B-29 bombers in the Pacific strike new blows on Tokyo and Nanking.

1101410106_400.jpg Winston Churchill, Man of the Year (READ COVER STORY)

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