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to my F-22 TAW buddies


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I'd like to thank all those who contributed to the F-22 2008 project:

- Polak, mikew, M.G., Al.D., B.H., DrKD, Krusade,

and special thanks to The Dude, for letting the project reside here at CSim.

also, thanks to all the online/offline pilots out there, although some may have converted to other sims by now,

and thanks to anybody else who I didn't remember to include.

I am very proud of what we've accomplished, people, heck we made it on TAW's 10th birthday too. :)

but getting to the point, I'm retiring from this project.

getting short of both time and interest. we'd need more devoted TAW lovers to join and help us,

and being pessimistic, I don't see that happening.


- J.R. :icon_salute3:

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Oh :( .......... but thank you. You've made your mark. Sorry I've not been more involved, but I will potter on. Maybe others will take up the challenge to see V2.0 through to a conclusion. Thanks again. :thumbsup:

Edit: I have sent a PM to you which I wrote and sent before seeing this thread. Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy. If you could answer it I would be greatful ....... if not ........ I fully understand.


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Thanks for everything. If nothing else, you inspired me to get this bad boy working again.

I also appreciate your mission editing tutorial. I will still continue to play with it and see if I can't make any contributions to a possible 2.0


Home Fries

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