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[TUT] the Art of Mission Making (TAW/ADF)


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don't bother reading this tutorial if you're on the stock F-22 TAW or F-22 ADF/RSO,

because some files need to be extracted so that you can work on them.

in this regard, F-22 2008 is fully extracted and custom mission -friendly.

a single player mission in TAW/ADF is made up of 4 text files.

all these files are found in the directories given by their name.

you already have tons of missions which you can check out to see how things work.

learn by doing, that's how I have.

a convention: use the same name for all 4 files for a mission, except for the extension of course.

also, don't use filenames exceeding 8+3 characters (old MS-DOS convention). from what I remember,

the game can't load such files.

* briefing (TXT) - check out other files to get an idea about what and how.. also, mission goals are added to the briefing automatically by the game.

* UDL - specifies (and no more) every single aircraft/ground unit that the mission uses

* MDL - "takes" the things from the UDL and organizes them, give them nationality, a mission to accomplish, position, waypoints etc. you may encounter problems with setting the waypoints.

* PDL - sets the time, the nations involved in the conflict and links the MDL with the UDL, sets the player's aircraft and the mission goals.

* KDL - used for multiplayer (never went there myself)

* CDL - used for dynamic campaigns (same as above)

* f22data\simultor.txt - in here you will need to manually add your mission so that the game will load it.

HINT: if you open up the file f22.dat in a text editor, say Wordpad, and search for F22, or AMX10RC, you'll find the names for all aircraft/ground/sea objects you can put in the mission files (UDLs and MDLs). same goes for searching Spad or Wolf, and you will find all callsigns you can give to your airborne forces. note that many of the "exotic" ones, for example Gorki, Urad, etc., aren't recorded as sounds in the game.

in the end, just open up the P/M/UDLs and learn their mechanisms. best way.

- TAW Pilot/Modder JR -

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