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Okay you'll get a chuckle out of this one. I was talking to a friend of mine today and bitching about snow like I do, and said something nasty about Al Gore, like I do and she tried to correct me on the issue. She tried to explain to me how Global Warming is actually making the temperatures colder. Yes you read that right, now supposedly Global Warming will lead to an ice age...as Gore predicted.

Global Warming leads to colder temperatures? What happened to the whole deserts spreading everywhere that isn't covered in oceans from the ice melting, drought and plagues stuff? Seems to me like someone's just trying to cover his (sizable) ass by taking both sides of the argument, yeah Al, I'm talking about you.

The other thing I noticed is a lot of scientists and hip people don't use Global Warming anymore, they say Climate Change. Yeah we have always had climate change, it's called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! But no now Climate Change means Global Warming causes Ice Ages...or deserts, whichever, Al was right either way.

WTF are these people smoking and where can I get some?

So it must have been Global Warming that lead to me spending about an hour and a half carving my mom's car out of a solid block of ice for her. Good to know... :rolleyes:

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Yeah, but since it's started...

Al Gore, in an attempt to save his faux religion (previously known as "global warming", heretofore known as "climate change") and his substantial income source, has decreed that global warming is now causing global cooling. The glaciers are growing, the ice caps are enlarging, winters are cold and snow is more prevalent, much like it was in the late 1970's and early 80's when we were told that the earth was entering another ice age and we had to stop using CFC's before we froze to death.

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