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We started yesterday clear and cold ( about -8C) , by lunchtime the wind was up to 80kph from the NE and it was driving snow. The wind veered to the SW and and increased to about 100kph with gusts to 140 and the temp rose to +5. The snow went to freezing rain and then rain. Wind stayed at 100+ all night. It's dropped to about 70 now.

All in all a somewhat crappy day :(

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Just discovered we're out of #$%@! coffee.







Your gonna cut your own head off??? It can't be Gail's fault now can it? And no you can't blame the dog either! (just farts only) :D

NEWS FLASH! Weather Update in Cedar Rapids (AKA Stalingrad West)...

Reprinted from the Stalingrad Times...I mean the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

A 93-year-old record low was tied Wednesday, when the actual temperature reached -22F just before midnight, according to the weather service. A record low has been set today, as well. It dipped to -28F this morning, breaking the 1994 record of minus 23. Isn't going to get above -9F today for a high temp. Back down to -22F or so tonight.

That is all.

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Morning, sunny, 70's.

Seems like maybe there's an opportunity here, they don't have a Starbucks on every corner in Canada?

Good question. Around here, there is a Starbuck's on every corner and three situated in the middle of every block. They are everywhere and I do not think their coffee is all that great. If I want coffee that tastes like it has been burned, I can do that at home and for a lot less $$$.

Stans puts on his Nomex suit and awaits the flame fest. :D

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