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This Day in WWII 19 January 1941 - 1945


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cv011942.jpg North Atlantic Patrol

1941: Hitler and Mussolini meet at Berchtesgaden, with Mussolini accepting German military help in North Africa, but not Albania.

1941: British launch counteroffensive in East Africa, attacking Eritrea and Ethiopia from Sudan.

1942: Two Axis transports, the Mongevino and Ankara land 45 German tanks at Benghazi as reinforcement, while axis forces evacuate the city.

1942: General Wavell warns Churchill that Singapore cannot be held as little had been done to prepare the landward facing defences. Churchill replies that Singapore must be defended and that 'no question of surrender be entertained until after protracted fighting among the ruins of Singapore city'. General Wavell orders General Percival to prepare Singapore Island for a siege. Japanese troop capture Tavoy as their advance continues in Burma.

1942: The Japanese have now secured all of British North Borneo.

barbarabates2.jpg Barbara Bates

1943: Russians claim further victories during a 75-mile advance towards Kharkov on the Voronezh front, with the Russians claiming 52,000 axis prisoners on this front alone.

1943: The Eighth Army captures Homs and Tarhuna, near Tripoli.

1944: The Eire government announces the arrest of two ‘Quisling’ Irishmen, parachuted into County Clare by German planes.

1944: Germans forces are surrounded in Novgorod, 100 miles to the South of Leningrad, but manage to break out.

1945: Hitler orders that all divisional sized and larger attacks, or retreats must have his approval.

1945: The Russians cross 1939 Poland-Silesia frontier taking Kracow. East Prussia is also entered from south by Russian troops. Red Army forces capture Lodz.

1945: USAAF B29 bombers destroy the Kawasaki aircraft works near Kobe, in Japan.

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