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Anyone know about masterpilot QS5600. I want to sell a still boxed unopened one I have had for years


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I have had this for ages , it is still boxed up with plastic around box. Never been opened

Masterpilot Quickshot Model QS5600 flight game console.

I am based in London UK east. Any advice /help is very welcome. Thank you for reading this.

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That's quite an old piece of kit. Windows 95 era, if I'm not mistaken.

It's basically a keyboard emulator that looks like a fighter jet MFD, so it might be hackable to work with current OSs.

You might want to post it on Ebay for starters.

Then there are the controller forums over at http://www.Frugalsworld.com, http://www.SimHQ.com, and http://www.CH-Hangar.com.

Might be some guys running vintage rigs for their old DOS / Win95 sims who would love to have that item.

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