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This Day in WWII 28 February 1940 - 1945 *1936 **1946


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cv022844.jpg Ella Raines

1940: Russian forces overrun the second line of Finnish defenses on the Karelian Isthmus.

1941: Vichy France reduces bread ration from 350g to 280g.

1941: British monthly civilian casualty figures tally at 789 killed and 1068 injured.

1941: British Commando's, having been left to hold Castelorizzo without out Naval support or reinforcement, are forced to evacuate when the Italians land troops on the Island.

EllaRaines2.jpg Ella Raines

1942: Japanese are only 50 miles north of Rangoon.

1942: Japanese land on Java.

baggettlynne.jpg Lynne Baggett

1943: Nine Norwegian commandos successfully climb down the steep gorge on one side of the German ‘heavy water’ plant at Telemark and work their way up a 500 foot, almost sheer rock face to reach the plant on the other side of the gorge. Undetected, they gain entrance and successfully set and detonate their explosives, ruining the plant. All the commandos escaped safely, without taking or inflicting any casualties.

1943: A group of German wives of Jewish men begin to gather and protest in Berlin in order to try and stop the deportation of their husbands to concentrations camps.

1944: The Arabs protest to the U.S. over Senate statements about the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine.

LynneBaggett2.jpg Lynne Baggett

1945: The US Ninth Army achieves a breakthrough near Erkelenz 30 miles to the West of Cologne, but loses 100 tanks in the process.

1945: The 2nd Belorussian Front captures Neustettin. The Red Army suspends all further offensive operations against the lines of Army Group Courland.

1945: The British Indian 4th Corps take Meiktila airfield in central Burma after an eight-day push from the Irrawaddy.

1945: U.S. Marines take Motoyama on Iwo Jima after a bloody battle.

1945: Corregidor is reported as clear of Japanese troops.

*1936: The Japanese Army restores order in Tokyo and arrests officers involved in a coup.

**1946: The U.S. Army declares that it will use V-2 rocket to test radar as an atomic rocket defense system.

1101440228_400.jpg Sir Henry M. Wilson (READ COVER STORY)

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1945: U.S. Marines take Motoyama on Iwo Jima after a bloody battle.

Amazing how such a monumental battle can look so innocuous when written that way in a single, brief sentence. I wonder if in, say, a thousand years, historians will refer to WWII only as "A brief period of armed conflict, 1939 - 1945". Time, she's a bitch: she can erode the details of events just like wind and water does to the tallest mountains. With luck, though, a sentence like the one above will always be a hyperlink to the full details ... and it will be so long as our intelligent machines of the future don't Matrix / Sarah Conner our arses ;):P

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