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This Day in WWII 3 March 1940 - 1945


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quakerstate.jpg Wartime Quaker State Ad

1940: The Russian launch a massive offensive and bring Viipuri under direct attack. This brings home to the Finns the fact that they cannot resist for must longer against the overwhelming force that the Russians are now deploying.

1940: Italy protests to Britain over proposed ban on Italian imports of German coal.

1941: Moscow denounces the Axis rule in Bulgaria.

1942: RAF Bomber Command, under its new C-in-C, Air Vice Marshal Harris, attacks the Renault plant in the Paris suburb of Billancourt. Of the 235 RAF planes that took off, only 1 failed to return. The new navigation device, GEE wasn't used, although the target was marked with flares for the first time and serious damage done to production facilities, although many French workers were killed. However, this successful raid was a much needed morale boost for the bomber crews. On this same night, the Lancaster bomber makes its operational debut, laying mines of the French port of Brest.

1942: Vichy announces that 'official' German figures put the number of French arrested in 1941 at 5,390 and executions at more than 250.

1942: General Chiang Kai-shek meets General Wavell in Burma.

annsheridan4.jpg Ann Sheridan

1943: 173 Londoners are killed in panic crush at Bethnal Green tube station when a new AA weapon noise is heard for the first time.

1943: Russians take Rzhev, over 100 miles to the west of Moscow.

1944: German attacks cease at Anzio after loss of 3,500 men and 30 Panzer's in four days.

1944: British civilian casualties now total 50,324 dead, with military deaths at 50,103.

1944: Under pressure from the Western Allies to withdraw all remaining Spanish troops from the Eastern front, the Franco government orders members of the so-called “Blue Legion,” attached to the German 121st Infantry Division, to return home and outlaws service by Spanish citizens with the Axis forces. Nevertheless, a handful of fanatically anti-Communist Spaniards defy orders and volunteer for service with the Waffen SS, some of them fighting suicidally to the end in the ruins of Berlin.

1944: The allies announce that Russia is to get a third of Italian fleet, or equivalent in British and American warships.

1944: Japanese counter-attacks on Los Negros fail.

1945: Units of the Canadian First Army capture Xanten on the lower Rhine in the battle of the Reichswald. The US First Army captures Krefeld.

1945: 100 Luftwaffe night-fighters attack 27 RAF airfields, in what is the last night intrusion raid of the war. 22 RAF aircraft were destroyed for 6 German.

1945: The fighting ends in Manila. Japanese resistance ends in Meiktila.

1945: Finland declares war on the Axis.

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What is Miss Sheridan wearing? Is that a dress or a negligee? And that look on her face is something else, too. Sorta says, "You can't afford to touch this!" :lol:

Good stuff, Donnie :thumbsup:

Who cares! I want to snuggle up!

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