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Time for a funny, for Petes sake!


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"Authentic Spanish Dish"

An American tourist walked into a traditional

restaurant in Spain. When he got the menu,

he realized that it was written in Spanish, so

he looked around and noticed a delicious looking

dish on the next table.

It was two large bull's balls topped with a very

nice looking sauce. When the waiter came, he

told him, "I want the same dish as that man."

"I am sorry, Senor. That is a very special dish.

You have to order it a day in advance," replied

the waiter.

So the tourist ordered it and promised that he

would come back the next day. The following

day, he returned to the same restaurant and

found that the dish in front of him had two

much smaller balls.

"Waiter, how come these balls are so small?

The dish I saw yesterday had two large balls."

"I am sorry, Senor. But sometimes the bull wins!"

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