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Zoom in on AWACS map?

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I rooted out my old copy of TAW after seeing the excellent campaign guide here. I'm getting the hang of most of it easily enough (still a class sim). I know on the War Room Thatre map you click and hold and drag a square around the part of the map you want to zoom in to. BUT, I can't find or figure out how to zoom on the map in when you jump into AWACs control.

Is it possible to zoom, and if so, how? It's very frustrating trying to click on flights when they're bunched up. Any help will be much appreciated.



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was never a big fan of AWACS missions, I admit, but I remember you can zoom in-out by holding down Shift and left-click and move mouse.

right click to zoom out.

this is even more interesting when using the 3D map.

have fun, and get F-22 2008 if you haven't already.


this reminds me of when I had ADF without the game manual. I never knew how to eject until I found the manual.

I mean, come on, Shift-Escape-Escape? who could POSSIBLY guess that?

same with the thrust vectoring, I was very confused that such a great sim "forgot" to implement thrust vectoring on the F-22.

.. until I found the manual.

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