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F22: 2008 in Vista 32 resolution issue

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It's me again. Got a super quick rsponse to my last problem and am well on the way to winning a campaign, yay!

I've installed the 2008 mod and it loads up to the main screen. But when I try to launch, I'm dumped out with an error saying it can't support 640 x 400 resolution. This is the only resolution showing in the options menu. What have I done wrong? Help is hard to find for these games, but I'm sure someone here can help or point me in the right direction. ;)



PS. My card is a Geforce 8800GTS 720Mb.

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note, some cards / Operating Systems (like Vista) don't support 640x400 resolution,

this also means you won't be able to view the Demos.

now, your problem is simple: you applied the TAW_RES.COM resolution patch

-- but forgot to edit the game.cfg file and change REZ=2 to REZ=3.


you will not be able to go to Options while REZ=3, if you want to change game settings from inside the game,

either put REZ=2, or use TAW_RES.COM again to unapply the resolution patch.

the dirtier way is going into game.cfg manually, but you have to know what you're doing.

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All sorted. Nice work.


One other thought: if you want to see the demos, or run TAW in higher resolution without a workaround, you can always run in Glide mode using a glide wrapper. All you need for glide is to download the TAW Patch for both D3D and Glide, replace your current f22.dat with the glide version (don't worry; you can always put the D3D version back if you wish), then run a glide wrapper such as dgVoodoo and force any resolution (I use 16x12 myself). The game will run in the resolution you specify, as will the demos.

The Glide vs D3D debate is ongoing; both versions have their supporters (Spear likes D3D, I prefer Glide), as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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