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This Day in WWII 20 March 1940 - 1945


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DorothyLamour.jpg Dorothy Lamour

1940: The British Royal Air Force conducts an all-night air raid on the Nazi airbase at Sylt, Germany.

1941: The Berbera force and elements of the 11th African Division meet at Hargeisa inside British Somaliland.

1941: Four Yugoslav ministers resign rather than accept German terms.

1942: About 1000 schoolteachers are arrested in Norway.

1942: The Red Army offensive at Kerch in the Crimea is defeated with heavy losses to the Russians.

1942: In what was to become known as the 2nd Battle of Sirte, 4 freighters, escorted by 3 cruisers, 1 anti-aircraft cruiser and 17 destroyers leave Alexandria bound for Malta. This force would later be strengthened by the cruiser Penelope and a destroyer from Force K.

1942: Kesselring launches an intensified air offensive against Malta, which by the end of March had racked up 4,927 sorties for the Luftwaffe, as opposed to 2.497 during February.

1942: Japanese troops, reinforced by the 18th and 56th Division which had arrived by sea at Rangoon a few days earlier, attack the 6th Chinese Army near Toungoo in Burma.

DorothyLamour3.jpg Dorothy Lamour

1943: The Eighth Army continues its attacks against the Mareth line in southern Tunisia.

1944: The Russians recapture Vinnitsa in the Ukraine, the site of Hitler's Headquarters during in 1943.

1945: The U.S. Seventh Army takes Saarbrücken.

1945: German troops of Army Group Weichsel evacuate their bridgehead across the Oder at Stettin. The Russians capture Braunsberg, 40 miles South of Königsberg.

1945: The British 19th Indian Division completes the capture of Mandalay.

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