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This Day in WWII 22 March 1940 - 1945


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cv032243.jpg General George C. Kenney (BATTLE OF THE BISMARCK SEA INFO)

1940: U-boats sink seven neutral ships.

1942: Late in the afternoon after an unsuccessful Italian torpedo-aircraft attack, Admiral Iachino's squadron engages the British convoy. This protected itself with a smokescreen, but the cruiser HMS Cleopatra was damaged. Admiral Philip Vian, commanding the British escorts, now sent his destroyers in a torpedo attack on the Italian battleship Littorio. However, by now it was getting dark and so Admiral Iachino turned away from the British convoy and sailed for home.

1942: A Polish newspaper editor is beheaded for listening to the BBC, as German terror continues in Poland.

1942: Japanese aircraft attack Darwin.

JuneHaver2.jpg June Haver

1943: German troops recapture Belgorod.

1943: Newly built gas chamber/crematory IV opens at Auschwitz.

packard-mustang.jpg Wartime Packard Ad

1944: Alexander halts the frontal attacks on Cassino.

1944: British tanks rout a Japanese tank force at Tamu in India.

JuneHaver.jpg June Haver

1945: The U.S. First Army's bridgehead at Remagen is now 30 miles long. Units of the US Third Army cross the Rhine at Oppenheim south of Mainz against minimal German resistance.

1945: The Japanese, facing food shortages at home and among their troops, launch a 60,000-man offensive to seize the wheat crop in central China near Hankow.

1101430322_400.jpg General Carl Spaatz (READ COVER STORY)

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