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This Day in WWII 2 April 1940 - 1945


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1101450402_400.jpg Maj. Gen. Ridgway (READ COVER STORY)

1940: Germans again attack Scapa Flow and North Sea convoys.

1940: Hitler gives orders that the invasion of Denmark and Norway is to begin on the 9th April 1940.

1941: The 5th Light Division recaptures Agedabia from the British and fans out into three columns, two of which race across the desert in an attempt to cut off the retreating British, while the third pushes up the coast road towards Benghazi.

1941: Rear Admiral Bonnetti, the commander of the Italian Red Sea Flotilla orders his seven destroyers out on 'do or die' missions. All the destroyers are sunk or captured without achieving any worthwhile results.

OlgaSanJuan.jpg Olga San Juan

1942: Axis air forces begin a bombing campaign against La Valetta, the British naval base on Malta.

1942: British retreat from Prome, upper Burma.

1944: The Russians announce their entry into Romania and threaten to shoot one third of all German POWs if the 18 divisions of the trapped First Panzer Army do not surrender. The Russian army crosses the river Prut, East of Cernovcy and liberates the little city Gerca.

OlgaSanJuan2.jpg Olga San Juan

1945: The British 7th Armoured Division enters Rhine on Dortmund-Ems canal, 60 miles Northeast of Essen.

1945: The 3rd Ukrainian Front and Bulgarian forces take Nagykanizsa, thereby gaining control of the main Hungarian oil production region. 2nd Ukrainian front under Malinovsky conquers the industrial area of Mosonmagyarovar and reaches the Austrian border between Dounau and the Neusiedler lake.

martinaircraftad.jpg Wartime Martin Aircraft Ad

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