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"Dude's log, star date 21 ... oh ... 8 ... mark? ... um ... <cough>

"What? Why can't I just say April 17? Screw it!

"Spring time on planet Earth ...

"After a mildly disturbing evening of green-skinned alien babe seduction, I've plotted a course for the Zeta quadrant. Named as such because it's planets, when looked at from the correct angle, looks like a profile of Catherine Zeta Jones' most recent jowl lift <shudder>.

"My first mate, Betty-the-dog, sits expectantly at my side, wet-nosed and wary of danger.

"Easy, Betty, those are just friendly garbage tug transporters out there collecting our, um? space debris," Yeah, space debris ... that we've thoughtfully placed on the curb of our mighty space craft. A space craft that looks suspiciously like a two-story house in an inner-city suburb. Stealth comes in many forms, my friends.

"What's that, first mate Betty? Someone's in trouble in the park system? You want to what? Go to the park?

"Well folks, we'll have to visit Zeta's quadrant some other time ... for now, we are off to face certain death in the park system. No doubt it'll be hoaching with deadly gramma-bots with their vile little mecha-puggles and murder-doodles. The horror!

"Warp factor awesome, Betty!"


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