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The headlines of the day...

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Preview

BioShock 2 Preview - Screens & Trailers

Arma: Armed Assault - v1.16 BETA Patch

War Between the States is Updated to v1.040

Mezmer Games Announces Stalin vs Martians Release Date

Theatre of War 2 Released

Review: Vigor Gaming Monsoon III LT CPU Cooling System

Microsoft Reports First Drop in Revenue Since 1986

Pirate Bay Trial Judge Admits He Was Member of Copyright Protection Org

Exploit Allows Complete Control of Windows 7 Machine

AMD Releases OverDrive 3.0 System-tweaking Utility

Chrome Crushes 'High' Rated Vulnerability

Just Announced Hardware for April 24, 2009

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Good OFP:DR preview, although I'm getting antsy about how good it'll really be. All this talk of being able to play the game on a PC using a console controller gives me pause.

Microsoft earnings shrinkage ... now that's news. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end, or, to quote Jack Nicholson, just a momentary loss of muscular coordination?

The judge in the Pirate Bay trial has some s'plaining to do. Bit of an f-tard, IMO.

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