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This Day in WWII 28 April 1940 - 1945 *1946


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1940: Allied reinforcements arrive in Andalsnes, Norway.

1941: The British evacuation of Greece is completed.

1941: A clampdown is made in Norway against degenerate literature, with large-scale book burnings being held.

IngridBergman2.jpg Ingrid Bergman

1942: Coastal "dimouts" go into effect along a fifteen-mile strip on the Eastern Seaboard, in response to German U-boat activity of the U.S. Atlantic coast.

1942: At what turns out to be its last meeting, the puppet Nazi Reichstag passes legislation proclaiming Hitler "Supreme Judge of the German People," formalising the Fuhrer's position as being above the reach of the law.

1943: British forces repulse a last, desperate Panzer counter blow in Tunisia.

1944: The South African and Rhodesian Prime Ministers arrive for the imperial Conference.

1944: Chinese forces retreat in central China.

IngridBergman.jpg Ingrid Bergman

1945: German U-boats sink 8 Allied ships, 3 destroyers and 2 corvettes in the English channel.

1945: The Canadian First Army captures Emden and Wilhelmshaven, while the U.S. Seventh Army takes Augsburg and reaches the Austrian border to the South. Hitler marries his mistress, Eva Braun, and dictates his political testament in which he justifies the political and military actions of his 12-year-rule, blaming the war on international Jewry and exhorting the German people even after defeat to adhere to the principles of National Socialism, especially its racial laws. Grossadmiral Dönitz is appointed as his successor.

1945: The U.S. Fifth Army take Brescia, 30 miles East of Milan. The British Eighth Army reaches Venice.

1945: Italian Partisans capture Mussolini, his mistress Clara Petacci and 12 of his cabinet members in a German convoy trying to reach Switzerland. All are shot in nearby village.

1945: Russian forces are fighting in the Wilhelmstrasse and reach the Anhalt Station which is just half a mile of the Führerbunker.

*1946: The Allies indict Tojo with 55 counts of war crimes.

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Ingrid is my all-time fav babe from back in the day. She was truly something to behold in those classic films like Gaslight and Casablanca. I recall an interview with Anthony Quinn where he said the first time he met her he was unable to speak he was so stupefied by her natural, unpretentious beauty.

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