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Welcome to our new ArmA forum!

The Dude

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Hi all,

With the impending release of ArmA2 on the horizon, it's high time we created this dedicated forum. :)

Also, one of the game's PR mavens should be around soon to share some info about the game with us.

My hope is that we can come up with some questions about ArmA2 for the developers that the PR chap can pass onto the developers for us.

I, for one, am very curious about any new additions and / or changes to the mission editor.

Be sure to follow this forum if you are interested in ArmA2.

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I win the first poster award! You knew you could count on me, didn't you, Doug? Should be a very interesting and informative Forum, especially if I can play ArmA 2 without having to invest in a new upgraded rig. Otherwise, forget it!

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Great room Doug.

I have purchased ArmaII, loaded from CD. Loaded 1.04 patch I have a glich with the 1.04 update. I lost my keyboard inputs. With patch 1.05 i have my keyboard back. I also still have trouble getting into controls to adjust my keyboard settings, It just crashes to desktop. No one on ArmII forums has been any help at all.

The game looks and works great.

I am a little pissed that I have to get points in order to test weapons, Arma get rid of that feature it sucks. (I have no pataience for it).

I am awaiting to get online with my fellow mates to test on line mode.

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I Have played a couple of times with Deacon, Game crashed twice, Deacon though perhaps it was his computer, so we left it at that.

Then played on Dudes server along with Dude,Deacon and Gunny, Voila the game crashed again.

Still can not get into keyboard controls as it still crashes to desktop.

Deacon and I configed my game using his settings.

I opened my config files in arm2 other user and manually made my settings.

Sound, graphics work fine, it is when I try to use the control option to set up my keyboard and joystick that it crashes.

As of today (Dec/29/09)I still have no help from the BI forums on this matter.

All in all the game is great, could use a turret position gauge on armored vehicales.

Looking forward to doing more running and gunning

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