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New rectangular indicator light in F2.5


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Does anyone know what that new indicator light is for in Flanker 2.5x? It's at the bottom of the Status Panel on Su-27 and Su-33, but it's above the Radar Altimeter in the MiG-29K (at top center of the Instrument panel). Wasn't included in Flanker 2.03. It's not for the Arrestor Hook or AutoThurst, and it isn't mentioned in the Readmes for Fllanker 2.5 or 2.51.

I translated the Russian letters for the unknown indicator light ("Vysota") and did a search for it, but I found no direct translation. However, the name is used for a nuclear missile launched from a Russian submarine. Also, the Barometric Altimeter is labeled with the same name. Could it be a failure light for the Barometric Altimeter?

I tried stipulating various failures with the Mission Editor, and I learned that most of the Flanker 2.51 indicator lights don't seem to work, and the "Vysota" light doesn't seem to ever come on either.

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