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Preview of upcoming 1.52 Patch

Home Fries

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F-22 Total Air War 2008 v1.52 is just around the corner. Right now it is slated to incorporate additional training missions (both single player and multiplayer), add some new multiplayer Head to Head scenarios, improve the USAF F-22 skins, and provide new Saudi and Egyptian F-22 skins that have been improved greatly from the 1998 originals.

Here are some of the new Air to Air Tactical Training missions taken from the original F-22 ADF:


and the same set of ACM Training missions in Multiplayer:


and a couple of bonus training missions by Krusade:


Finally, two of the three new Head to Head scenarios by Krusade:


And let's not forget the graphical improvements, starting with the new 1st TFW skin (derived from the 3rd Wing skin introduced in 1.51):


And here are some pics of the Egyptian F-22:



And the Saudi F-22


Additionally, minor fixes and enhancements have been made to some of the mission briefings, and the v1.51 hotfix will be incorporated into the 1.52 installer.

Keep an eye on the forums. The patch will be posted as soon as it finishes successful testing.

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