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This Day in WWII 11 June 1940 - 1945


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AudreyTotter.jpg Audrey Totter

1940: Householders in possession of Anderson shelters must by law have them up and earthed by today.

1940: The French government of Premier Reynaud leaves Paris for Tours. German forces capture Rheims.

1940: Italian aircraft bomb Malta.

1940: Paris prepares for siege as the Luftwaffe pounds the city. The RAF attacks Turin and Genoa with 36 Whitley bombers.

1940: RAF attack German ships in Trondheim harbour, Norway.

1940: Australia and New Zealand declare war on Italy.

1940: South Africa declares war on Italy. RAF bomb airfields and petrol dumps in Italian East Africa and Libya. British armoured cars cross into Libya from Egypt and ambush a number of Italian trucks near Fort Capuzzo. Italian aircraft bomb Aden and Port Sudan.

1942: U-boats begin laying mines off Boston, Delaware and Chesapeake Bay.

1942: The court-martial of a German army captain Michael Kitzelmann ends in Orel. Kitzelmann, who won an Iron Cross Second Class for bravery, has spoken out against atrocities being committed on the eastern front. "If these criminals should win," he has told his fellow officers, "I would have no wish to live any longer." Kitzelmann's wish is granted. He is shot by a firing squad that day.

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1942: The United States and the Soviet Union signed a lend lease agreement to aid the Soviet war effort.

1942: Simultaneous British convoys set sail for Malta from Gibraltar and Alexandria. The Gibraltar convoy (codenamed ' Harpoon'), consisted of 5 freighters and a US tanker. It was initially escorted by a battleship, 2 aircraft carrier, 3 cruisers and 8 destroyers and was later reinforced by an anti-aircraft cruiser and 9 destroyers. The Alexandria convoy (codenamed 'Vigorous'), had eleven freighters and was escorted by 7 light cruisers and 26 destroyers.

AudreyTotter2.jpg Audrey Totter

1943: Operation 'Corkscrew', the invasion of Pantelleria meets little resistance after a 20-day aerial bombardment of the island.

1943: The US 8th Air Force raids the German naval base at Wilhelmshaven (200 B-17s), while the RAF attacks Münster and Düsseldorf.

1945: SEAC estimate that 108,240 Japanese have been killed in Burma since February 1944.

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