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running F-15 on vista

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hello everyone, im new here. Just wanted to see if anybody can help me run F-15 on my machine. i cant get it to work. It installs and executes but when i try to actually play it, it doesnt work. are there any patches or something that can get it to work? thanx

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Just installed this on on 2 PCs with the following results:

1. 2008 PC with Intel Q6600 and GeForce 8800 with Windows8-32.

The menus are corrupt, but other than that the game plays and looks great.

2. 2002 PC with AMD XP2700+ and Radeon 9800 Pro with WinXP

Menus are fine, but 3D world rendered poorly (maybe software mode?), also some slowdown.

So, is there any solution to the menu problem on a more modern OS?

Trying to run a compatibility mode for Win95,98 or XP seems to make the menus worse.

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