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New Photorealistic YF-22 Skins (AK and FF)

Home Fries

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This is a set of skins based on the YF-22 skin from the 1998 TAW, heavily modified with texture mapping and weathering effects. Skins are included for both the 1st Fighter Wing (FF) and the 3rd Wing (AK), and you may select which tail flash you prefer (or both, if you really like the YF-22).

This mod is compatible with the other skin mods, though please realize that the mod that is activated last is the mod you will see (e.g. if you install the YF-22 (FF) over the Woodland USAF Pattern (FF), you will only see the YF-22 Skin).

Here are some screenshots:


And with light source shading:





You can find it near the bottom of the initial post in the Incremental Releases thread.

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