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FOTA to launch rival championship

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FOTA to launch rival championship

Well, we know how well it worked out for CART / IRL. It's win - win! ;)

Seriously, if this split actually does happen, then what?! Who gets to race at Monte Carlo? Only FIA? FOTA? Both? The mind boggles.

Part of me wants the split to happen because I really find it annoying that Bernie Ecclestone and FIA President Max Mosley have this incontestable fiefdom over the sport. On the other hand, perhaps having the two-headed Ecclestone-Mosley Hydra as overlord is exactly what the sport needs. Could Bernie actually be right that budget caps are what the sport needs?

One thing is for sure, if the split happens, we'll have people who support FIA, others who support FOTA, and others who'll support both. If history provides any lessons, the fragmentation of the audience will be bad for both sides.

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Serves 'em all right. Bernie and Max are concerned with one thing only... Bernie and Max. When thier interests line up with the best interests of the sport all goes well, when they don't, as now, well this is what happens. Really B and M have just priced themselves out of the market. Quite literally. Witness no F1 in North America and barely any F1 in the UK, despite that being the home of most of the teams. Berrnie's insistance on charging outragous money to bring in the circus is the root of all this. I for one am quite happy Tony George told them to go stuff it. Especially after the stupid stunt they pulled at Indy in 06. Yep, I'm still pissed about that.

And really, Singapore? Who cares? Bahrain? Give me a break. I haven't watched a race since Indy '06 and don't plan on any anytime soon. This FOTA idea actually sounds pretty good to me. I hope it works out.

As for budget caps, I would think plain old economics would take care of that. Wait, hehe, it is!

Hey did you read Bernie's interview in last month's Motorsport? He really is an arrogant self-centered know-it-all. He made a comment about the environment and how F1's impact is insignifigant and leave us alone about it already. Just goes to show how really clueless he is.

Alright, rant over, glad I got that off my chest. Go FOTA.

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I agree with you, Neddie ... 06 was a fiasco, and the Singapore and Bahrain races are a cruel joke to us TRUE believers who were weaned on old school F1. While were at it, we might as well include Sepang and Shanghai in that list ... but not Suzuka; the Japanese have been F1 supporters and fans for a loooooooong time. Anyway, yeah, BE and MM taking the series to those other cities because they were willing to pay the insane price to have F1 in their showcase cities was just pure greed on BE/MM's part. They totally sold out the people and countries that made F1 what it is. It's sorta sickening, actually.

Wouldn't it be great if FOTA brought back Watkins Glen, Indianapolis, and kept Montreal too.

Now FIA is saying Ferrari, Red Bull, and Toro Rosso can't leave. They are prepared to file a lawsuit against them in order to force them to honor their contractual obligations.

Furthermore, Mosley is quoted as saying that he thinks the FOTA teams are just posturing and most will be on the 2010 grid.


Yeah, I hope FOTA does start their own league and I hope Ferrari tells Mosley where he can stick his contract.

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