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Total Air War v2.0 Weekly Multiplayer Fly-in (Cancelled UFN)

Home Fries

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Well the problem I have is that TAW BC doesn't show the missions in the "Saved missions" box of your last screenshot, so I am stranded there.

Thats why Home Fries had to override TAW BC and provide me with the direct fix to the missions.

Before you ask HFs to override TAWBC,,

Make folders in your "C:\DiD\F-22 Total Air War 2.0/MISSIONS" DIR. Like this;


Now paste each of the 4 "hf v12.TBC" files into the appropriate folder.

You will then be ready to have HFs override TAWBC,,

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What am I learning from this exercise to observe Total Air War 2.0 and the built in Artificial Intelligence designed by Digital Image Design.

TAW "Total Air War 2.0 "

AI "Artificial Intelligence"

DID "Digital Image Design."

TAWBC "Total Air War Battle Commander"

TAWBC Wizard "Total Air War Battle Commander" mission generator.

MP "Multiplay"

TS "TeamSpeak"

The Exercise.

I used TAWBC to design, with the help of the Wizard, four missions to test the TAW AI.

Hawk's jdam Surba-Integrated-Respawn v12.TBC

Hawk's jdam Surba-Escort v12.TBC

Hawk's jdam Surba-Strike v12.TBC

Hawk's jdam Surba-WW v12.TBC

With help from Home Fries,

We tried to tweak the missions to achieve what we hoped would be a successful mission result.

I enjoyed the exercise & learned allot.

We tweaked the missions over and over, but I was never satisfied with just the TAW AI.

This is just "My humble opinion" (IMHO)

Only a human pilot can deal with the unforeseen circumstances that do arise in any mission.

The main fun is actually flying a mission.

The next, most fun, is to fly a mission with friends in a MP mission using TS for in-game communication.

The fun of flying a mystery mission designed by the TAWBC Wizard is best.

No amount of preflight briefing can adequately equip a human pilot to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

A proper preflight briefing can require hours of work & a recon pilot to supply the requested information.

IMHO, speaking as a recon pilot, I just want to fly a new mission.

A good checklist is an essential for a newbie, but if joining a MP mission should be placed in your memory,, as you become more familiar with the proper keypress to achieve your objectives.

Ref; Wombat's checklist. A work in progress. He is asking for suggestions.

I've said this before, "We all enjoy TAW in our own ways."

TAW allows each to enjoy what he/she wishes to explore.

I can use the TAWBC Wizard to generate a mystery mission in a few minutes.

The TAWBC Wizard can generate a mission from easy to hard in difficulty.

I can use the "TAWBC Mission Manager" to install the mission in a chosen MP Coop H2H slot or fly it SP.

I can trade this small *.TBC file to anyone very easily.

Can I design a mystery mission for you?

I am open to any suggestions.

The one mission that I enjoyed the most is, "Hawk's jdam Surba-Integrated-Respawn v12.TBC"

This mission uses Home Fries 12 player variant. It can accommodate up to 12 MP pilots.

It has not been tested due to a lack of MP test pilots.

It is up on the drop.io/airdominance


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Hello everyone. I am from Senegal. I use TAW since 2007. I used teamspeak Saturday at 12:00 gmt but I couldn't connect to the server. I want to play my first multiplayer game. And thanks to Homefries and every persons who remake us this beautiful fighter game. Hope to have news soon. Sincerely

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We would love to have you on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays, and we will look for you now that you are on the radar. I couldn't make it this weekend because I had errands to run Saturday morning (though I did make it back by 1245 GMT and nobody was on), but I should be good to go next weekend.

You will not find TAW on the same server as Teamspeak because the Teamspeak server is run by SimHQ. Likewise, there is no dedicated server option for TAW, so we always determine via Teamspeak who will be hosting the session.

One last thing: we need to make sure that your firewall allows _f22.exe and f22.dat full access, and that your ports are forwarded if you are behind a router. The ports to forward are listed in the TAW 2.0 Manual Addendum, as well as the "Additional Known Issues" section in the Known Issues thread. Once you get this set up, please post here and someone will be happy to meet with you 30 mins in advance (1130 GMT) to confirm your configuration.

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I know the problem now. In fact I downloaded Teamspeak 3 and I could'nt use it. But the software that I knew to use was the Teamspeak 2 RC2. Now I can enter the server because I downloaded version 2 RC2. I have granted _f22.exe and f22.dat in the firewall. But how will I postforward ? You mean open a port (2234, 2300, 2400, 47624).

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But how will I postforward ? You mean open a port (2234, 2300, 2400, 47624).

Exactly. Port forwarding is opening the ports on your router and assigning them to a specific internal IP address (e.g. your gaming PC). You need to open those ports in both UDP and TCP.

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If you want goto PortForward.com they have guides for alot of Routers and should be able to help you..

It is ports 2300 Through 2400 not just 2 ports there that is a range of ports..

If you goto PF.com when you goto the Guide section look for Janes F-18

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Total Air War v2.0 Weekly Multiplayer Fly-in Sat. at 1200 GMT

5:53 AM Monterey time 7/17/2010 Multiplayer Fly-in Sat.?

Only Neph & I were on TS. Where were you? Sleeping?

We had a good one, you missed it. :popcornsmilie:

I was shot down over somalia again.

I had a nice stay with some of the Somali pirates.

Just hanging around in chains in a room without windows.


I did meet a few other Somali guests that helped me get away.


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I know Charlie, and I've seen that picture before and HE'S NO ANGEL! ;)

The Somali pirates were NO angels.

Just hanging around in chains was no fun.


If you know Charlie, thank him for his angels

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Do we do this anymore I was here tonight 8-4-10 nobody home..

Do we need a better way to anounce a meeting online + a way to confirm?

I admit I fogot this Wednesday the 4th.


It was not the 1st time I went to TS, on time, with no one there.

This thread is now 8 pages.

page one;


EDIT: We added a second session to accomodate more schedules.

We will also meet on Saturdays at 1200 GMT (0800 Eastern, 0500 Pacific).

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I'm on TS now. :icon_salute3:

Pacific 5:56 AM 8/7/2010 Saturday.

Neph & I the only shows this day

Gone; Pacific 8:00 AM 8/7/2010 Saturday. :popcornsmilie:

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Guys, I can no longer reliably show up on Saturdays. The whole point of the Saturday morning fly-in was to allow people who don't live in Western Hemisphere time zones to have a convenient multiplayer time. If nobody from Europe/Asia/WestPac shows up, then there isn't anything for us to sweat either.

Last chance, guys. Post here if you're interested in a European fly-in, or we cancel the event.

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Dude, most of us are at work while you're busy torturing your cat. :rofl:

On TS now 2:11 PM 9/12/2010

On TS now 7:10 PM 9/18/2010

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