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Revised Flanker 2.0 Manual now available

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Anyone who has tried to use the digital Flanker 2.0 Manual knows that it lacks luster, to say the least. There is no Table of Contents, and there are no page numbers on the pages. Furthermore, the Adobe Acrobat page number indicator is about 8 pages off, so you can't use the Index of the Manual to locate information. Besides typos, there is some inaccurate and misleading information in the Manual (for example, regarding the HUD symbology of the Beyond Visible Range Flight Mode). There are also some horribly blurry pictures of the HUD in the manual.

I have revised the Flanker 2.0 Manual to remedy many of these problems (except for the blurry pictures).

You can view or download the revised manual here: Flanagan's Flanker2 Website.

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