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ArmA 2 Demo Released Today

The Dude

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Ok, some thoughts after I've been able to play a little with it last night. The "Boot Camp" is interesting. It covers topics from the O-course to shooting, medical training to parachuting and other subjects that I wasn't able to get to. First of all, I uped my graphics to the "Normal" setting. I'd love to see this thing maxed out on a good rig. I was counting rivets in the UH-1's fuselage, counting blades of grass growing in the cracks of an airfield and the individual track links on the AAV. Runs fairly decent in normal mode.

AI is still a killer even with the scenario ran at recruit level. I never saw who whacked me during MOUT training. Fact is I never got close to the objective during MOUT training.

Weapons are cool. They actually have a SMAW and damned if it don't look and act like one. A tad bit over-modeled because you shouldn't be able to "kill" a tank with one. Mobility kill maybe but outright killing one, not so much so. The Aimpoint sight aint so bad now. You can actually see through the damned thing now.

Parachute training is a hoot. You jump from an Osprey and open between 100 and 300 meters. You have to hit the dropzone or near enough to it to "pass" that portion of the training. Took me three tries but I nailed the DZ solid on my third attempt. First attempt I nailed the ground solid and my second attempt earned me a bath in the ocean. To whic I was ragged on by the instructor. The best thing about the chutes, the are steerable. That's right ladies, once you pop that chute, you can steer that puppy.

The banter between squadmates is ok, like when I got ragged on for landing in the drink but in single player mode I'm sure that would get tiresome.

Driving vehicles is a bit touchy. Seem to be over sensitive to turn imputs. I wound up in the trees or hitting walls with a Hummer while trying to get to the heavy weapons range.

As for tactics, thinking about the MOUT training, heading straight in will get you dead, quick, fast and in a hurry. I was just dinking around so I'm figuring that good tactics will win a scenario.

All in all, I'm impressed so far.

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No probs Fork, glad to be a help. I'm really jazzed over all the USMC equipment being in the game from the get go. Makes it worth while for me right there.

I think the Bastards may take a run at MP later on. I don't think Doug would have any grief if you wanted to take a quick run with us through the mine fields.

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I've been hearing that the AI being able to shoot through schools with their 88 magnums is a real show-stopper.

Sorry, had a Johny Dangerously moment there.

But seriously. Laser like precision on low settings, while folks are very well hidden, like the nifty grass you see swaying is invisible to them.

I am not into the FPS side at all, just vehicle simulation, for the most part.

Any word on that aspect?

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I played the MOUT mission and had no problem beating it on the default difficulty setting (I can't recall if its called "Regular" or "Normal" or "Recruit" or whatever) Anywho, I was doing a lot of skulking in that mission and the bad guys were actively looking for me in the fields surrounding the small village. If they were able to see through grass and such they would've killed me toot sweet.

But this is all predicated on what skill level the AI is set at. For some inexplicable reason, the developers of OpFlash: Cold War Crisis / Resistance and ArmA I/II have created demo and canned missions in the full release with AI whose skill level is set to the highest level. Those AI have always had super-human senses and will kill you dead from extreme distances and can see through any cover you may be using.

It's downright foolish that they include missions with such highly-skilled AI, but they do ... and they get grief for it. The solution, however, is simplicity itself: de-pbo the mission, open it in the editor, and move the AI's skill sliders down a notch or two. Problem solved. The game really is amazing in that regard. Few games give the user such control over the AI abilities. And yet, even seasoned ArmA fans don't use the mission editor so they get all put-out when the super human AI get put into the demos.

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