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Friday funny fix


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Always stay on the good side of your wife. :blink:

A man and his disgruntled wife are pulled over by a police patrol.

The police officer walks over to the car, leans down to the open drivers window and says to the man,

"Going a little fast back there weren't you, any reason why you were doing 70mph in a road where the limit is clearly marked at 50mph?"

before the man can answer, his wife pipes up and says

"Good thing you didn't clock him 5 minutes earlier officer... he was doing 90mph then!"

The man turns to his wife and whispers

"Shut up."

As the police man writes out a speeding ticket, the man's wife continues....

"It seems your radar detector let you down this time then dear"

As the police man writes out another ticket for illegal use of a radar detector, the man turns to his wife and says firmly....

"Please, will you shut up?"

The police man finishes the two tickets and notices the man does not have his seat belt on

"You do realize it's an offense to drive a car without wearing your seat belt sir?"

The man replies quickly..

"I did have it on, but took it off when you pulled me over so I could get out of the car if you asked me!"

at which point the man's wife adds...

"Come on dear havent you lied enough today, you never wear a seat belt"

As the police man fills out the third ticket for driving without a seat belt, the man leans over and shouts at his wife...


At which point the police man turns to the man's wife, and says....

"Does he always talk to you like that madam?"

to which she replies....

"Only when he's been drinking."

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