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EF2000 version clarification


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Hi everyone.

Just wondering what the versions of EF2000 are there (e.g. EF2000 v1, v2, TACTCOM, Super EF, etc.) and is there a way I can figure it out by simply checking the exes and some of the files?


Don't forget Graphics Plus! ;)

So far as v2.0 goes, that included both a Windows 95 version (which was just repackaged Super EF2000 AFAIK) and Graphics Plus DOS versions for 3DFX and Rendition cards. In either case, you can plainly see EF2000 v2 on the loadscreen between selecting a mission and actually entering a mission. Additionally, the Win95 version has a v2 splash screen and it says EF2000 v2 for Windows 95 on the window bar (if you have the game in a window and not fullscreen).

V2 Includes the TACTCOM upgrade.

I can't speak for the others, though if you purchased the Win95 / Graphics Plus version in the US, you likely have V2.

If only we had a native 3DFX windows version... :banghead:

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AFAIK, the Glide engine for v2.0 natively supports up to Voodoo 2 only. :huh:

It might not be accurate to refer to EF2K having a Glide engine. The sim makes calls directly to the hardware; you cannot obtain the accelerated graphics via a modern Glide wrapper as with Glide sims and games. You must use either an early Voodoo card, or an early Rendition card. The physical card hardware is required.

Which is a shame! The sim looks pretty decent in the 3D version, even today - considering its age. the difference is striking when switching back and forth between it and the Windows unaccelerated version.

Another frustration (because it is a fine sim!): Version 2 's accelerated edition is not co-op MP functional. All parties must use the unaccelerated EF2000 Version 2 Windows edition. And the Euro Super EF is not MP compatible with the U.S. EF2000 Version 2, despite the fact that they appear virtually identical.

(Hi Neph!)

So - no 3D accelerated graphics in any Windows version (Super EF or EF2000 V 2)

No Voodoo accelerated verions capability past Voodoo 2 card. (run the Win 95 version included in your Version 2 package)

No co-op online for either of the 3D accelerated versions.

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