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Preview vid of upcoming patch 2.10

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I have put together a video of in-game footage highlighting some of the things in the upcoming patch. Look for:

- new high res terrain (64x original resolution) and forests

- Luftwaffe using rotte tactics in dogfights

- new flight models (aircraft roll and dive more realistically, airflow over control surfaces is modelled)

- bomber skin mod by Aces with correctly coloured spinners, markings and aircraft lettering for all bombers, including Stuka staffeln.

- new ground objects and buildings (Marck Calais area and Chichester featured here)

- Working 3D gauges in cockpits

Other features including mixed skill levels within squadrons, more player control over AI tactics, enhanced 2D (HUD) gauge system.

Also coming, Multiplayer test code (beta) to allow the player community to test and help refine multiplayer code.


Expected release date late Q3 2009.



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