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Sound Modders, your time has come!

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I know we have some sound enthusiasts on the forum, so I figured I would share this link:

SFX Thread on SimHQ Forums

In a nutshell, mikew has been able to extract many of the datafiles from Eurofighter Typhoon, which can likely be used in TAW. The catch is that the files are as yet unidentified, though they are organized by file type.

I'm up to my eyeballs with visual basic, graphics enhancements, and documentation for TAW 2.0, but if there is anyone willing to take the initiative and contribute improved sounds to the TAW 2.0 project, I will gladly accept such assistance.

I'm still on schedule to release TAW 2.0 within the next couple of weeks, so anything that goes into this build will need to be introduced within a week or so. Of course, there's always 2.1 for what we don't get in time for 2.0.

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