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F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

Home Fries

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21 hours ago, mikew said:

It would be better to try and find out why the TAW exe is being muted in the first place and stop it happening somehow.

I can confirm it happens on my end if MIDI music is on. I am forced to disable it, now the game no longer starts muted. I do miss MIDI music, but at least I can play the game with sounds.

It used to work just fine on Win10 a good while ago, then this issue started out of nowhere. I wonder if a Win10 update messed something in regards to MIDI music, but other old games (Comanche Gold for instance) work with proper MIDI music on my end. I guess it's just how TAW works that the issue arises.


@Home Fries I love TAW, I'd really like to update the launcher with the latest versions of dgVoodoo and nGlide. The given wrappers of the 2.30 release no longer work on my end, so I manually installed the latest dgVoodoo release.

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In EF2000 (Reloaded) one can control the MFDs via keyboard-shortcuts (Ctrl + [a-q]).


But for the life of me I cannot find any such thing in this game? Does anyone know of any "hidden" keys for that or does someone know how this could be accomplished?


Thank You!


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