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Mig Alley 1.23 patch - 64 bit compatibility

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Hi all,

I am hoping to find a Mig Alley expert who can guide me through getting it up and running on my windows 7 64 bit PC. I have managed to install and play however when I try to install patch 1.23 it get an error that says the patch is not compatible with 64 bit OS. Anyone know a fix?


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Hi Avidean,

I have installed Mig Alley on my Windows 8 64 bit OS also.......I also installed the 1.23 patch!

My problem is that when it comes time for the game screen to show my plane, only the red plane/blue plane splash screen shows and I can't see my own plane!

Can you please tell me how you've configured your game?



P..S. Here is a link on how to install MiG alley.........I tried it and it works but I have my particular issue mentioned above:


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