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Bullseye trainer

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I recently loaded the "bullseyetrainer.zip" utility on my computer. When I launched it I got the window with the F-16 flying. I clicked the window to start the trainer. I was expecting to hear target bearings and distance. However, I only received "not engaged." I tried this technique several times with the same results. What do I have to do to get a bogie bearing? Thanks, smasher.

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If you want to really learn how to use the Bullseye you need to learn some IFR techniques. First you should know the techniques to fly to and from a VOR station. Then the IFR techniques to intercept a radial to or from a VOR and then the techniques to make point to point navigation.

Actually to really understand a Bullseyes is really important to learn the "point to point navigation" again an IFR technique. used by civilian and military!

You may try to learn in VATSIM or IVAO . There are many pilot study guide for beginners .

Then once you have mastered those techinque we can talk about arc and calulation to try to understand if the contact is close enough to intercept or not but we would move in the 1:60 rule.

Start to learn the IFR navigations techniques and after we will make the next step.

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