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got interested in (modding) this game

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this forum looks inactive, but I just got intestested in this old game which runs smoothly on my PC.

here is what i have made so far:


new features including: ground effect(air gust), touch down suspension, sound barrier effect

Wow mlracing! I really like your Flanker 2.51 Video Mod shown in your "SightSeeing" movie. How can I get the mod? I was unable to find a download link on your webpage...

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Flanker 2.51 mods by mlracing are now available at Flanagan's Flanker2 Website (www.flanker2.info).

The modifications alter the flight characteristics of the aircraft, enabling some fantastic aerobatics. It's less realistic, but more enjoyable. For those of us that fly with the keyboard, there are some very user-friendly improvements. There is also a visual shaking effect added during flight at very low altitude and at the sound barrier. Also, the cockpit zoom range (Field of View) has been significantly increased.

For more information, and to download the mod, go to www.flanker2.info/files/mlracing.htm

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